How does an “instant broadcast” work?

An instant broadcast will link your target life form (identified by name or witness) automatically to that programming for 24 hours from the time the purchase is made. To this end there are psionic devices running 24/7 for each broadcast. This will only ever apply to one life form, and attempting to include multiple in the broadcast will only confuse the broadcast and render it unhelpful to you. In some cases, an organization can be used as a witness, and a photo of a website, headquarters, logo, etc, can be effective – as these generally take on a life force all their own.

Can I make changes to an instant broadcast?

No, these are broadcast instantly and automatically, they cannot be altered after the fact.

How do I purchase your services?

You can pay directly through PayPal, or buy credits, which are useful for the instant broadcasts, and can be purchased in bulk for reduced prices.

Do I get free credits?

Yes! You get 3 free credits for signing up, and 1 credit free every 30 days until I decide to stop giving them away!

Will this heal me?

Healing intent is projected by me, often in concert with symbols known as “sigils” or “seals.” There are many factors that can alter the course of events, and there are no guarantees for ANY of my services. If you are in need of medical help, this is not a substitute. It is really a form of prayer, and, though powerful in its own right, works very differently from physical medicine.

What sigils are you using? Can I use them myself?

When sigils or seals are used, they are included in the item photos. The kaleidoscopic fractals are used for my transmission, but the other sigils can be printed or drawn by you and used however you want – and broadcasting it in multiple ways and by multiple people is always more effective, I have found exponentially so. My life-changing experiences with the 4th Pentacle of Jupiter were had while it was being broadcast to me on my own box at home, and I would simply go into a light meditative state and focus on a printed copy I kept in my vehicle. Within seconds my phone would vibrate, either with a product being sold, a product inquiry, or a request for service.