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    This forum is for general discussion, and posts may be reorganized in the future.

    In short, this is a place for positive discussion of magickal and psionic technologies and concepts. Keep it positive, I have neither the hours nor the desire to curate a shit-posting group. No complaining about either me or the myriad of other creators of metaphysical tech. We all have our foibles, and I have no desire to sort through who is and is not legit and/or try to resolve interpersonal issues (whether with myself or someone else) on this board, so such posts will absolutely be unceremoniously deleted on an immediate level.

    No illegal shit. Feel free to talk about subjects censors don’t approve of, but plans to do physical violence or detestable things like child porn will be either deleted or turned over to the authorities, depending on the subject, severity, and applicable laws, as much as I hate to do that.

    We’re going to talk about some dark stuff. Keeping it positive includes all aspects of magick, including working with demons and using baneful magick. If you can’t deal, don’t be here. Note that I am fully of the opinion that all beings are divine, that we are all God, and that those divine beings are all avatars of various aspect of the Godself/Allself. As we ascend, so do our gods and our demons. If you do not dig, there is a door conveniently located beneath the “x” button on your browser.

    Dark stuff included, suggestions of harming animals, children, or generally innocent, helpless people will bring down metaphysical wrath and get you a permaban. E.g., if you want to post pics of your animal sacrifices, you do that somewhere the fuck else.

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